10mm Clear Compostable PLA Straws

Unit Price:R0.81 incl. VAT
Box Price: R1,620.00 incl. VAT
Box Contains:2000 units

Elevate your eco-conscious offerings with our 10mm Clear Compostable PLA Straws. Made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), a renewable plant-based material, these straws are the epitome of sustainability. Designed for the ‘on-demand’ food and beverage industry, they are perfect for thicker drinks like milkshakes and smoothies. Certified industrially compostable, they provide a responsible solution for businesses looking to minimize their environmental impact. Our straws are easy to use and offer a clear path towards a more sustainable and compostable future. Make a positive choice for the planet with every straw.

Product Code: BIOC-STR10NWL
Units per Box: 2000
Unit Size: 10mm
Colour: Clear
Box Size: 520 x 490 x 220mm
Box Weight: 3,8kg


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