We are leading a movement that rethinks on demand packaging

At Viro, we are on a mission to make sustainable packaging accessible to businesses and brands across Africa. 

We have set ambitious goals to minimize packaging waste to landfill and close the packaging loop by keeping valuable materials in circulation and out of the environment.

As a company in the takeaway packaging industry, Viro is conscious of the negative environmental impacts of single use packaging. We have made every effort to ensure that our products are designed with circularity in mind – made using valuable materials, which have a high chance of being recovered post consumer use, to be used again in the makeup of new packaging items. Today a Juice Bottle, tomorrow a Smoothie Cup.

At our core, Viro aims to have impact.  By rethinking packaging design, creating awareness and educating consumers about the value of packaging, we hope to make this impact,  shift consumer habits and keep packaging materials in the loop.

All our products are either fully Recyclable, Made from Recycled materials or Certified Compostable.

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Pillars Of Sustainability



We rethink the way we make, use, engage and dispose of our packaging with circular design thinking as our guide.


Our products are designed with recyclability in mind. Our products are made using valuable materials that are designed to circulate in the economy.


To close the loop, we need to retain the product value we collect, circulate them and use them as the very raw material to make new packaging goods.
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