500ml Clear Recyclable PP Beer Cup

Unit Price:R1.93 incl. VAT
Box Price: R965.00 incl. VAT
Box Contains:500 units

Elevate your event’s beverage service with our 500ml Clear Recyclable PP Beer Cup. This larger capacity cup is perfect for serving a generous portion of your favorite beer, enhancing the overall experience at festivals, concerts, and bars. Made from robust polypropylene (PP), it guarantees durability and resistance to breakage. The clear material not only showcases the beverage inside but also aligns with sustainable practices, being 100% recyclable and widely accepted in South Africa’s recycling programs. While it does not come with a lid, its sturdy construction ensures a spill-free celebration. Choose our eco-friendly beer cup for a dependable and sustainable option.

Product Code: CTN | 140.1
Units per Box: 500
Unit Size: 500ml
Colour: Clear
Box Weight: 10kg
SKU:CTN | 140.1


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