70ml Recyclable PP Sauce Tub Combo

Unit Price:R0.98 incl. VAT
Box Price: R980.00 incl. VAT
Box Contains:1000 units

Elevate your food packaging with our 70ml Recyclable PP Sauce Tub Combo. Perfect for eco-friendly ‘on-demand’ food and beverage brands, these opague tubs are designed to securely contain a variety of sauces, from tomato sauce to mayonnaise and soya sauce. Constructed from highly recyclable polypropylene (PP) material, they offer a strong, durable, and sustainable packaging solution. The tub and lid combo ensures that your sauces are perfectly preserved, supporting both your brand’s quality standards and environmental values.

Product Code: 70/TUB
Units per Box: 1000
Unit Size: 70ml
Colour: Opague
Box Size: 425 x 495 x 125mm
Box Weight: 3,45kg


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