16cm Birchwood Compostable Cutlery Set with Napkin

Unit Price:R2.69 incl. VAT
Box Price: R1,345.00 incl. VAT
Box Contains:500 units

Transform your takeaway experience with our 16cm Birchwood Compostable Cutlery Set, complete with a Knife, Fork, and Serviette. Crafted from renewable birchwood, this set is not only durable and functional but also environmentally friendly. Certified for home compostability, it’s the perfect choice for eco-conscious ‘on-demand’ food and beverage brands. Wrapped in a paper wrapper for added convenience, this cutlery pack is ideal for enhancing your customer’s dining experience while supporting sustainable practices.

Product Code: PBWKFSE-03C
Units per Box: 500
Unit Size: 16cm
Colour: Light Brown
Box Size: 370 x 270 x 170mm
Box Weight: 0,57kg


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